We welcome you to the blog of the European Association of Perfume and Cosmetic Products, a European non-profit organization which represents the interests of companies and professionals that are committed to renovate the sector in the fields of innovation, marketing and product distribution.

In this blog, we would like to share with you all news about the sector. We aim to satisfy the demands of 21st century consumers who place ever greater importance on high product quality and transparency. They also call for greater power of decision, as product selection does not rely solely any more on the traditional patterns of advertising of the 20st century. This new type of consumer had already fostered a huge transformation in the textile, food and airline industries. It is the time for the perfume and cosmetic sector to do the same.

Most of our members are returning to traditional packaging and manufacturing practices prioritizing the sense of smell and touch over brands, advertising, marketing and package. In addition, technological advances of the 21th century have allowed for new distribution, marketing and expansion channels that promote cost savings and ultimately benefit consumers.

We will disseminate the contents of this blog through our Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ profiles. Additionally, all audiovisual material will be available on our YouTube Channel. Any interesting piece of information, documents or reading material about the sector will be uploaded to our Slideshare profile.

Therefore, this is our introduction post. Stay tuned for all our updates. Thank you very much!

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