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The European Association of Perfume and Cosmetic Products is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of companies and professionals that are committed to renovate the sector in the fields of innovation, marketing and product distribution.

The APCE members have been able to adjust their companies to meet the requests of 21st century consumers who place ever greater demands on high product quality, transparency a greater power of decision, as they are not appealed solely any more by the advertising patterns of the 20th century. This type of consumer had already fostered a huge transformation in the textile, food and airline industries. It is the time for the perfume and cosmetic sector to do the same.

By returning to traditional packaging and manufacturing practices, by giving more power of decision to consumers and by prioritizing the sense of smell and touch over brands, advertising and package, the members of APCE have revolutionized the industry during the economic crisis. In addition, technological advances of the 21th century have allowed for new distribution, marketing and expansion channels that promote cost savings and ultimately benefit consumers.

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