Code of conduct 

Code of conduct

The European Association of Perfume and Cosmetic Products has drafted this document in order to implement a Code of Conduct for members. The Code of Conduct aims to promote an exemplary professional practice and is in strict compliance with the European Union legislation.

APCE Membership is subject to acceptance and compliance with the following code of conduct:

  1. Based on current European Union legislation, APCE members must develop a company policy in favor of consumer rights. Members must commit to advance on policies, programs and actions that benefit the consumer in the European Union.
  2. Intellectual and industrial property protection rights between employees, suppliers, customers, social environment and the entire supply chain must be ensured.
  3. The employer-employee, licensee - franchisee relationship must be ethically sound, implementing appropriate communication and training policies which promote proper engagement and therefore, the professionalization of the industry.
  4. Cooperation must be achieved between companies and authorities, organizations and national associations from countries within the European Union by signing voluntary agreements and by implementing and abiding to new rules and regulations.
  5. Self-control systems and the commitment to principles of ongoing improvement must be applied by defining clear goals and objectives.
  6. Necessary human and technical resources must be guaranteed in order to identify, assess and manage companies’ risks. Special attention must be paid to health and safety as well as environmental protection.
  7. Knowledge of the best manufacturing, trade, and marketing practices as well as incorporating developing trends of the European perfume and cosmetics sector to the company’s business and activity is recommended to all members.
  8. Reporting any bad practices to the APCE in order to avoid mismanagement cases.
  9. Encouraging networking and smooth cooperation with other organizations to promote joint initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility.
  10. Working with partner members to develop a system of indicators towards the creation of an APCE quality certificate.

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