Five Marketing Trends Changing the Retail World

Five Marketing Trends Changing the Retail World

Five Marketing Trends Changing the Retail World

Adweek has published the following marketing trends which could change the retail sector:

1- Stores turning into ‘Bohos’: Traditional stores carry out customization processes in order to be adapted to the demands of the millennials. In this way, hispter or bohemian trends are being suited to face youngster demands.


2- Digital reality growth: Not only for ultimate technology companies. According to the experts, the retail sector will be influenced by the digital world as well. Not only shopping will change, also how consumers and companies are connected.


3- Shops of science, not fiction: Speaking about the well-known mixed reality, where the borders among e-commerce, augmented reality and the store fade away, a more complex experience when shopping is being offered to the consumers. An experience closer to fiction than to reality.


4- Closeness and interaction: Thanks to geo-localization technologies, companies and consumers will have a direct relationship. In this sense, the stores could send special offers, vouchers and promotions to the consumers. Nevertheless, the stores should be careful and find the best way  in order not to exceed limits.


Street store survives: In spite of the development of new technologies, street stores still survive just because the consumer values keeping in touch with other human beings.


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