Vision / Mission

Aligning the sector with the demands of 21th century consumers 

Vision, mission and objectives


To align the sector with the demands of the 21st century consumer.


To represent the interests of companies and professionals that are committed to renovate the sector in the fields of innovation, marketing and product distribution.


  1. Consolidate new market segments within the perfume and cosmetics sector to meet the demands of the 21st century consumer.
  2. Represent the interests of small and medium European manufacturers, professionals and artisans from the perfume and cosmetics sector before the Public Administration, civil society and private companies and organizations.
  3. Encourage free market and consumer rights as key principles in the European Union.
  4. Enhanceconsumer awareness of the perfume and cosmetic products manufacturing processes.
  5. Raise awareness of the different fragrance families traditionally used by the perfume industry, the different scents involved and how to identify them.
  6. Promote self-regulation of partners by implementing a Code of Conduct that goes beyond the European Union legislation strict compliance.
  7. Protect and encourage best practices within the industry in conjunction with other market segments.
  8. Report any updates of interest by using all sources and communication tools available at the APCE.
  9. Promote the internationalization of the sector and the raising of professional standards.
  10. Issue queries, reports, press releases and research papers about small and medium size companies, perfume and cosmetics manufacturing techniques, individually or in conjunction with other market segments of partner organizations.

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