The keys of e-commerce in 2016

The keys of e-commerce in 2016

The keys of e-commerce in 2016

The use of e-commerce is growing in Spain mainly in industries such as perfumery and cosmetics. In fact the Spanish Association of Digital Economy expects a 20-25% growth of the Internet sales this Christmas.

What is more, it is believed that this behavior will continue in 2016. Criteo which is a global technology company of performance marketing and works with 9000 advertisers and 11000 editors all over the world thinks there are five outstanding trends for the next year.

Firstly, purchases will be multi-device: consumers who use different devices are 20% more likely to buy online than the common user what will make redefine the online shopping experience to reach more customers. The second trend is that smartphones will keep overcoming tablets as the preferential device to buy online which is the reason why many retailers are focusing on developing their apps.

The third trend lies in connecting online consumers with the shops due to the majority of users who search online before going to the shop. Google has published that the 80% of people use the smartphone before buying. Additionally, retailers are getting a greater perspective of the user travel to the purchase throughout the connection with them via app and the use of beacons. The forth trend involves the change to a personalized and non-intrusive marketing which focuses on the user instead of the device. Finally, the fifth trend is to be quicker increasing the immediate deliver services not only in the same day but in a period of 1-2 hours after purchasing.

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