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Tips for buying perfume

Tips for buying perfume

Tips for buying perfume

From the European Association of Perfume and Cosmetic Products (APCE) we would like to give some useful tips you could consider when picking the perfect perfume as a gift. 

First of all, you should recognize the olfactory families. This olfactory families help us sorting fragrances and finding the best perfume for this special person. If you want to have a look to those families, please click here.

In order to recognize the fragrance family which perfect suits to that person you could observe either that person’s likes or the fragrances often used by that person. You will then have to go for the citrus, floral, fruity, oriental, chypre, fougère and woody families.


It would be an original idea choosing the fragrance family which makes this person remembering a cheerful moment. When picking the perfect perfume you should also take into account this person’s intended purpose, because depending on it you may get perfume or eau de cologne.

When trying different perfumes, since perfume smells different on each person and in order to prevent them blending, do not forget to use a slip of paper.

APCE also encourages consumers to visit specialized stores. There you could be informed about the olfactory family classification and, in addition, you could be professionally advised in order to make the best purchase.

Finally, the Spanish consumer organization OCU suggests to contrast prices for saving money. In this way, the consumer could decide depending on price/quality which product is the most convenient.

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